Xi'an elevator door lock-what is the elevator door lock?What role does it play?

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Xi'an elevator door lock-what is the elevator door lock?What role does it play?

The door lock is installed on the landing door or car door to lock it.The door lock is mainly composed of lock hook, lock block, force application element, roller, door unlocking wheel, electric safety electric shock and triangle lock.1) The lock hook and the lock block constitute the locking effect, and the door is locked from being opened. The engagement depth must be more than 7mm and the endurance should be more than 1000N.2) The force element is used to automatically reset the door lock after opening the door. It is a reset device (when it fails, gravity cannot open the door lock).3) The roller and door unlocking wheel are used for unlocking. When the elevator arrives at the station, the door motor passes through a series of mechanical transmissions. Finally, the door knife drives the roller and door unlocking wheel to open the door lock and pull the door to open.4) Electrical safety electric shock is to verify whether the lock hook and the lock gear engage more than 7mm. Once the electric safety electric shock is disconnected, the elevator must not run.5) The triangle lock is used to open the landing door under abnormal conditions, that is, the triangle lock on the landing door, and non-professionals are not allowed to use it.

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