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  At present, China has become the world's largest elevator producer and consumer. According to statistics, in 2013, the annual demand for elevators in China has exceeded 450,000 units, accounting for 60% of the global elevator market demand. As of 2014, the elevator production reached 708,000 units, and the number of elevators has exceeded 3.5 million units. By 2015, the number of elevators will reach 4.2 million units.


  At present, although China has become the most important production base and consumer market for elevators in the world, there is still a big gap between the popularity of elevators in China and the level of developed countries in Europe and America. The data shows that at the end of 2011, the per capita possession of elevators in China was about 700 people/unit, which is close to the world average, but still far below the level of 100-200 people/set in developed countries. The saturation of China's elevator market is about 7 million units. Compared with the domestic elevators of about 2.45 million units in 2012, China's elevator market will still have a growth space of about 4.5 million units.

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