Elevator safety can not be ignored

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Elevator safety can not be ignored


The use of elevators is too common in our daily life. It is because of this, so its safety needs us to pay more attention. What do you think are the main reasons that threaten the safety of elevators?


I just thought about taking the elevator. In fact, when you walked into the elevator, you almost gave your life to the iron box. In fact, you also gave your life safety from procurement to purchase. Installation and every step of daily maintenance, every responsible person. So first of all, we have to make sure that this elevator is a qualified product, especially in the residents' own housing. If we consider the cost and ignore the guarantee of the elevator quality, then this will undoubtedly bring security risks. The second is the implementation of safety management responsibilities. Whether it can do daily maintenance, find problems, failures can be dealt with in time, this is the key. If the responsibility for safety fault management can be clearly put in place, elevator failures and safety hazards will be reduced accordingly. In addition, there are management, use, etc. of maintenance funds for protecting elevators. However, in addition to the responsibilities of these others, as a person taking the elevator, in fact, our every move is also related to the safety of the elevator, which is related to our life safety. For example, the most basic, do not smoke in the elevator, which will not only affect the health of others but also cause fires, but I am afraid that many smokers are not willing to get rid of the cigarette butts in front of the elevator; It’s self-evident that the dangers of this kind of behavior are self-evident, but many parents still can’t control their own children, let them play at random, and even press the elevator button. There are still many uncivilized behaviors. I believe that everyone is familiar with everyday life. Only each of us pays attention to the safety of this one square meter. With these few minutes of safety, we can protect the safety of ourselves and others.

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